An alt-country band with punk roots, Vandoliers formed in 2015, bringing together a group of Dallas-Fort Worth musicians led by frontman Joshua Fleming.

Fiercely proud of their homeland, Vandoliers put their own spin on the Texas country tradition with 2016’s Ameri-Kinda, a debut album that mixed honky-tonk twang with hard-edged, rock & roll stomp. The band’s follow-up release, The Native, arrives less than one year, doubling down on Vandoliers’ modern approach to traditional influences. Rounded out by bassist Mark Moncrieff, drummer Guyton Sanders, fiddler Travis Curry, electric guitarist Dustin Fleming, and multi-instrumentalist Cory Graves, the group fills The Native‘s 10 songs with barreling guitar solos, train beats, anthemic melodies, mariachi horns, and the autobiographical details of Fleming’s own travels.

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The highly conscious lyrical reflections of Jonah P Smith are lifted by the assertive guitar licks of Julian P Smith on the Brooklyn Based Puebloís confessional EP: Boring the Camera. The newest evolution in the long musical relationship between the Smiths, Pueblo is a hearkening to the foundations of pop-rock, having been weaned in its Texas youth on the masters ñ Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and The Beatles. Smith and Smith grew up in Dallas, Texas attending grade school together, followed by high school, where they formed the locally celebrated band The Azalea Project their sophomore year. The Smiths moved to Brooklyn, New York in August 2016, wiping the slate clean to form Pueblo. Boring the Camera, produced by the great Paul Williams, was released in January 2017 on State Fair Records and features Tom Bridwell on drums.

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Bree & The Fellas

Bree & The Fellas hail from Dallas, TX. With a sound influenced by Jazz, R&B, and Pop, Bree is on a mission to spread a positive, relatable message accompanied by music that outright grooves.

After years of accumulating songs and ideas, Bree makes her entrance with Girl on The Moon, a collection of songs that leave no doubt Bree is here to stay. The undeniable talent of the band coupled with Bree's smooth, powerful voice is unique and sure to elicit an emotional response in listeners.

Make no bones about it, Bree will touch you with her honesty and dazzle you with her musicality. This is the beginning of something very special.

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Chris J Norwood

Dallas-based singer-songwriter Chris J Norwood knows 'Love Keeps Us Strong' and believes his new music reflects that. Most of the new songs on his debut album, Longshot, were written in the year leading up to the birth of his first daughter, with some tracks added after the family gained a beautiful new member.

Norwood and his mother moved to East Dallas after his father passed away in a tragic suicide, and the then-shy Chris searched for an outlet to channel his teeming creativity. His uncle bought him his first guitar when he was just ten, and the budding musician started recording songs on cassettes. "Playing music was the only place I felt comfortable and felt a part of something," he says. "There was never really an option for me to pursue a career in anything else." After spending a semester at The Contemporary Music Center (what Norwood calls rock 'n' roll school) he learned how to translate his passion into a career.

The road behind him was rocky, and the road ahead may have its challenges, but thanks to his talents and the team around him, Chris knows Its Gonna Be Alright.

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Christopher Holt

As a five-time winner of Dallas Observer Music Awards (three of them for Musician Of The Year), Christopher Holt has played in dozens of acclaimed bands in the DFW area over the past 20 years, including Sorta, The Slack, Olospo, Salim Nourallah and many others. This very busy man is an in-demand multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter fronting his own bands, and a dedicated teacher and mentor to budding musicians across the metroplex -- all while being a husband and father of three. Since 2015, he has been a touring guitarist for the legendary Don Henley.

In 2016, State Fair Records released Christopher Holtís third solo record, Stargazer, a 22-track double vinyl set featuring all-new original material, with most of the parts played by Holt himself. It's a stylistic mix of melodic power-pop, lilting folk whimsy, psychedelic glam stomps, slinky prog-rock, and simple organic balladry, resulting in a sound that is simultaneously both modern and classic.

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Pedigo's Magic Pilsner

John Pedigo, born in Dallas, Texas, is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer who feels lucky to be a part of many bands and collaborations over the years - The O's, Slick 57, Rose County Fair, Boys Named Sue, Vandoliers, Party Police, and more. He has also had roles in commercials, films, videos, and other artistic endeavors.

When John was young, his dad used to make a "nearly undrinkable beer" in his family's kitchen, called Pedigo's Magic Pilsner. John chose this as the name of his new album and band as a tribute to his father (whose illness and death in 2017 inspired many of the songs within).

Pedigo's Magic Pilsner (the album) is a brew of many styles, from straight forward singer/songwriter to straight up rock and roll. Pedigo's Magic Pilsner (the band) continues John's personal musical journey. His goal is "to deliver music from the heart, art from the soul, and truth from whichever medium necessary."

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Dan Johnson

Southern Americana Singer-Songwriter Dan Johnson's latest album, "Hemingway," a favorite with fans and journalists, has been described as a concept album in the truest sense, along with the companion book of short stories that tie the songs together in an epic across time. Dan uses the funds from the album to benefit "Operation Hemingway," a non-profit organization that educates the public about warning signs of veteran suicide and resources to help in their communities. Danís own father, an injured veteran, committed suicide when Dan was ten, forever impacting his family's future. Dan, a member of Mensa, left his career as a financial strategist after a near heart attack at age thirty-six and committed himself to full-time touring and music. He is currently on a US Tour of 66 cities in 32 states.

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Formed in 2014 as a solo project out of Kirvin, Texas by frontman Caleb Lewis, upsetting (originally named "Teenage Sexx") has been on the introspective side of "punk" music since its debut. Releasing a slew of demos from his bedroom, the young 16 year old found himself immediately embraced by musicians across the U.S. He later moved from his small town to Waco, then eventually Dallas, in order to form the three piece project as it is known today, consisting of Kevin Adkins on bass guitar and Charlie DeBolt on drums. The band has released two notable EPs with DreamyLife Records out of Ft. Worth ("Flavour Country" & "Jesus Christ"), and in the summer of 2018 will release their first full-length album through State Fair Records (Dallas, TX) under the new moniker upsetting.

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Joshua Ray Walker

Raised on the music of the Smokey Mountains, Joshua Ray Walker took a precarious path back to traditional country music - one forged by musical exploration, emotional hardship, and life experiences most his age have not yet endured. Joshua has played his songs on stages all across Texas, enthralling listeners with his brand of melodic, character driven writing, which puts a new spin on traditional story-telling country. Expect his debut full length album this Summer, 2018.

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The Gawd Almighties

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to attend an old fashioned tent revival with the likes of Woody Guthrie, John Prine, Pokey LaFarge, Todd Snider, and perhaps Ray Charles showing up at alter call to assist you in reckoning your demons than look no further than The Gawd Almighties.
They hail from Dallas and a little south of heaven all the way to East Texas and consist of award winning singer/songwriter Rags O'Hooligan III with his preacher like deliveries and punk sensibilities. Drummer Marcia Keys keeps everyone in line while adding soulful back ups with songbird and keyboardist Regina Debilio who has the voice of an angel. Rantz Gibson leads with a prayer of blues slide and heartbreaking flourishes. And Jacob Doe keeps it real and low for the congregation as he commands his upright bass. So pack up your sins and strife and head over to the next spirit filled gathering near you.

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Bill Longhorse

Bill Longhorse has been a dynamic figure in Dallas for 25 years. His sound is a unique blend of Gypsy Jazz, and Rock and Roll. Bill's musical conquests are notable and well documented. He fronted Sixty-Six in the 1990's, led Mr. Pink and Shanghai 5 in the 2000's and has played guitar with Jack Ingram, Charlie Robison, Earl Harvin and countless others. In short, he's a Dallas musical treasure ready to be unearthed again but this time behind the mic.

Bill recorded the collection of songs titled Bill Longhorse and the Immaculates (affectionately known as "Balloons") in his kitchen with Gregg Prickett, Bryan Wakeland and Mark Ridlen. The guitar playing and lyrical imagery is strikingly original. It is available digitally online or from State Fair Records.

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