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Southern Americana Singer-Songwriter Dan Johnson‘s latest album, “Hemingway,” a favorite with fans and journalists, has been described as a concept album in the truest sense, along with the companion book of short stories that tie the songs together in an epic across time. Dan uses the funds from the album to benefit “Operation Hemingway,” a non-profit organization that educates the public about warning signs of veteran suicide with resources to help in their communities. Dan’s own father, an injured veteran, committed suicide when Dan was ten, forever impacting his family’s future. Dan, a member of Mensa, left his career as a financial strategist after a near heart attack at age thirty-six and committed himself to full-time touring and music. He is currently on a US Tour of 66 cities in 32 states.

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Operation Hemingway
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Everything I've Done So Far

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Pedigo's Magic Pilsner

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The Native

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Boring the Camera

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