Bill Longhorse

Category: Solo Artist Genre: Blues, Country

About the artist

Bill Longhorse has been a dynamic figure in Dallas for 25 years. His sound is a unique blend of Gypsy Jazz, and Rock and Roll. Bill’s musical conquests are notable and well documented. He fronted Sixty-Six in the 1990’s, led Mr. Pink and Shanghai 5 in the 2000’s and has played guitar with Jack Ingram, Charlie Robison, Earl Harvin and countless others. In short, he’s a Dallas musical treasure ready to be unearthed again but this time behind the mic.

Bill recorded the collection of songs titled Bill Longhorse and the Immaculates (affectionately known as “Balloons”) in his kitchen with Gregg Prickett, Bryan Wakeland and Mark Ridlen. The guitar playing and lyrical imagery is strikingly original. It is available digitally online or from State Fair Records.

The songs on the album, The Immaculates, were written and partially recorded over a number of years by Longhorse. The album is resolutely low-fi: According to Longhorse, a lot of the guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in his kitchen. With his renewed focus, he pulled Prickett and Wakefield in to complete the recordings. The album fully captures the diversity of musical styles and ideas that have held his attention over his fifty years of playing. Bottleneck blues, circus polkas, Waits-style ballads, it’s all there — the ideas finally given the life immortal of a release.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2016, Dallas Observer

Dallas Observer