Billy Law

Genre: Americana, Folk, Singer/Songwriter

About The Artist

After a decade of playing dusty dives and rowdy honky tonks as the bassist for the nationally acclaimed outlaw country garage rock outfit Ottoman Turks, Billy law is set to release his debut solo album. A far cry from Ottoman Turks’ raucous rock and roll sound, “Alone Somewhere” is a moody, introspective dive into what it is to grow up. Though a much more delicate piece of work than anything Turks has released, Alone Somewhere is still largely informed by rough and tumble experiences. Digging through themes such as guilt, anxiety, longing, and indifference, Alone Somewhere is a concept album that takes a full circle look at the process of growing up, chasing your purpose, and finding your place in the world all while following an erratic love story. Packed tight with cautionary tales, scraps of wisdom, and memories both sorrowful and joyous, Alone Somewhere is a tale of self-discovery by taking the long way around.

In a world of rapidly released singles and EP’s, Alone Somewhere is an old school album; it’s an experience best taken in as a whole as opposed to being broken into bits. It’s music to sit in a dark room and sip whiskey to. It’s music to take in while staring out the window on a highway watching buildings and exit signs pass you by. Described as the sound you would get if Josh Ritter met Kris Kristofferson at a dive bar in Texas to listen to Manchester Orchestra, this is an indie folk record that draws as much inspiration from indie rock staples like The National as it does from southern songwriting legends such as Guy Clark. These influences along with the narrative nature of the album allow for classic country songs like “Voicemail” to feel right at home alongside dramatic indie rock tunes like “It’s Not Right” or pensive, dreamy Americana tracks such as “Wake Me Up Too”.

                Wiped and begun anew 3 separate times over a period of 4 years, the project in its final form never entered a formal recording studio. Mixed, produced, and engineered by Marshall Pruitt and mastered by Chris Moock at Forecast Gallery, Alone Somewhere is an album created in living rooms, closets, and home offices by friends and family. This personal approach allows for an intimate listening experience that perfectly reflects and reinforces the existential nature of the subject matter. It’s not a sonically perfect cookie cutter pop album; It’s raw. It’s real. No lies. No spin. It’s a long, honest look in the mirror.