Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner

Category: Dallas Genre: Americana, Rock

About the artist

John Pedigo, born in Dallas, Texas, is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer who feels lucky to be a part of many bands and collaborations over the years – The O’s, Slick 57, Rose County Fair, Boys Named Sue, Vandoliers, Party Police, and more. He has also had roles in commercials, films, videos, and other artistic endeavors.

When John was young, his dad used to make a “nearly undrinkable beer” in his family’s kitchen, called Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner. John chose this as the name of his new album and band as a tribute to his father (whose illness and death in 2017 inspired many of the songs within).

Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner (the album) is a brew of many styles, from straight forward singer/songwriter to straight up rock and roll. Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner (the band) continues John’s personal musical journey. His goal is “to deliver music from the heart, art from the soul, and truth from whichever medium necessary.”