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About the Band

Formed in 2014 as a solo project out of Kirvin, Texas by frontman Caleb Lewis, Upsetting (originally named “Teenage Sexx”) has been on the introspective side of “punk” music since its debut. Releasing a slew of demos from his bedroom, the young 16-year-old found himself immediately embraced by musicians across the U.S. He later moved from his small town to Waco, then eventually Dallas, in order to form the three-piece project as it is known today, consisting of Kevin Adkins on bass guitar and Charlie DeBolt on drums. The band has released two notable EPs with DreamyLife Records out of Ft. Worth (“Flavour Country” & “Jesus Christ”), and in the summer of 2018 will release their first full-length album through State Fair Records (Dallas, TX) under the new moniker upsetting.

The album Upsetting is a testament to the band’s growth in the Dallas music community, featuring several songs with a chorus of a dozen or so voices from fans and other musicians in the Dallas music scene.

Dallas Observer

Drawing on influences such as Joyce Manor, Modern Baseball, Tiger's Jaw, and Title Fight, the album tackles the greatest pains with the greatest joys.

Dallas Observer