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October 29, 2019

Video Premiere: Honey Folk’s “Dracula Goes To Town

By Melissa Clarke, October 29, 2019 

In the spirit of Halloween, Americana Highways presents this video by Honey Folk: “Dracula Goes To Town.” The song was produced by John Pedigo, written by Rags O’Hooligan and performed by Regina DeBilio and Rags O’Hooligan with Alex Sifuentes on bass.

The video is courtesy of Mr. Bonetangles Production. It was directed by Will Schutze with videography by Aaron Hautala. Puppeteers are Will Schutze, Elif Tuzer, and Ashley Schutze.  For a dose of entertaining whimsy, try some Honey Folk.

Rags wrote this song one night just on the spot last year (2018). I thought it was so funny so I took my phone out and started recording it. The song remains almost completely the same as that recording minus a last verse that we left out. Right away, we both thought, “Man, Will Schutze would do an amazing job making a video for this.” A year later, it all came together and Will created it in just over a week’s time. — Regina DeBilio

See the video and full article HERE


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