Central Track: Chris Holt is Done Taking Things For Granted

June 2, 2021

[Q&A] Chris Holt Is Done Taking Things For Granted.

By Eric Grubbs, June 2, 2021 

“Dallas’ Ultimate Working Musician — A Member Of Don Henley’s Band And A Fixture In The Local Scene — On How He Coped When COVID-19 Stopped His Work.

Chris Holt is the kind of guy you’re happy to see scoring gigs and staying busy. And, for more some two decades now, that’s exactly what the Dallas-based guitar wizard has done.

His most high-profile gig has been serving as a backing player for a founding member of The Eagles, but even before joining the Dallas-based Don Henley’s touring band behind the 2015 Cass County album (which also included North Texan Milo Deering), Holt has always been prolific. Beyond his own bands The Slack and Olospo, as well as his work in the Beatles tribute Hard Night’s Day and the acclaimed soul revival outfit Bastards of Soul, Holt has also found the time to release a trio of well-regarded solo records over the years, most recently with his 2016 Stargazer double LP.

Initially, last year looked like it was going to be another action-packed one for Holt. But when the pandemic shut everything down, he had to make some major changes in order to stay financially afloat, creative and happy.

So what does one do to keep the lights on? Well, in Holt’s case, he decided to start streaming marathon-length solo shows on his Facebook page, performing requests all by himself.

Never one to hold back on what he wants to say, we recently caught up with Holt to hear about that pivot he made, and to see how he’s doing now versus last year.”

Read Central Track’s full Q&A with Christopher Holt HERE.

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