Central Track: White Noise

December 22, 2020


By Alec Spicer, December 22, 2020 

Joshua Ray Walker Continues His 2020 Domination, Asian Doll Beefs With City Girls’ JT And The Save Our Stages Act Passes. Plus More!

“While the year-end lists continue to trickle in — including our own, of course — we’re reminded of how robust our local music scene is. 

As if we needed to be reminded how ridiculously great rising country singer-songwriter Joshua Ray Walker is, his lap of victory in 2020 is parading on. When we last checked in, Walker had been ranked No. 5 among Rolling Stone’s list of the 30 Best Country and Americana Albums released in 2020. Now, the iconic music magazine has named “Voices” one of the Best Country and Americana Songs of the year, too. What’s more, the song has been hailed as online publication Saving Country Music’s Song of the Year. “

Read Central Track’s latest “White Noise” featuring Joshua Ray Walker HERE.

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