CloudwatcherUno: CloudwatcherUno Podcast S3 Season Finale Ep10 ~ Ottoman Turks

February 19, 2021

CloudwatcherUno Podcast S3 Season Finale Ep10 ~ Ottoman Turks

By CloudwatcherUno, February 19, 2021

“CloudwatcherUno exclusively got to sit down with the whole band to talk about their songs, the new album and music influences. One of the first to hear the full album outside of the label ‘Ottoman Turks II’ is that rare beast where the sequel is even better than the original. Think Empire Strikes Back meets the Godfather 2 as a guide to how awesome this album is. In 2019 the first album was released there were so many unrecorded and unreleased songs that a part 2 was always on the cards. Ottoman Turks new album ‘Ottoman Turks II’ is released in April 2021 from State Fair Records.”

Read the full CloudwatcherUno article and hear the podcast with Ottoman Turks HERE.

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