Dallas Observer: Damoyee Janai’s Songwriting Is An Exercise in Self-Discovery

January 8, 2020

Damoyee Janai’s Songwriting Is an Exercise in Self-Discovery

By: Tyler Hicks, January 8, 2020 

Below is an excerpt from Dallas Observer’s, “Damoyee Janai’s Songwriting Is an Exercise in Self-Discovery” article featuring Damoyee Janai

“We open on a coffee shop two days after Christmas in a city clinging to the last vestiges of the season. Christmas music rises in the background as the camera centers on film composer Damoyee Janai, a songwriter with impeccable posture. Dance is one of the mediums she ditched in her earlier days (“I couldn’t do the splits, so I had to quit”) but she has retained the rigid composure instilled in her by unscrupulous instructors.

It strikes me that a still-decorated coffee shop in the waning moments of the holidays is the perfect place to meet composer-singer-songwriter Janai, an eternal optimist who clings to hope and approaches the world with childlike wonder.

“Every song is a chance for me to open my eyes to something new,” she says. “A feeling, an emotion, something. It’s all discovery.”    


See Dallas Observer’s full article HERE

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