Dallas Observer: North Texas’ 10 Best Live Acts in 2021

December 21, 2021

North Texas’ 10 Best Live Acts in 2021

By David Fletcher and Eva Raggio, December 21, 2021 

Below is an excerpt of “North Texas’ 10 Live Acts in 2021” that features Ottoman Turks: 

“Ottoman Turks

Kicking up dust on the thin line separating punk rock from outlaw country, Ottoman Turks returned to the stage this year with a take-no-prisoners approach to its live show. Ottoman Turks released its second album II in the spring, filled with songs satirizing the American male ego, poking fun at conspiracy theorists and having a boozy good time. The band loves playing live and does so quite often. To say that the band’s live shows are high-energy is an understatement. Ottoman Turks’ shows are sweaty, breathtaking forays into honky tonk madness. Frontman Nathan Mongol Wells leads the havoc, working the stage with reckless, raspy vocals and rocking guitar. Lead guitarist Joshua Ray Walker, who is perhaps better known for his solo work, contributes much to the frenetic energy of the Turks’ live performance, showing that his talents go far beyond his songwriting. DF”

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