Ear Milk: The Slice, Episode 69

November 13, 2020

The Slice, Episode 69 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

By Tayo Odutola, November 13, 2020 

“With a lengthy title like “Apple Watch Plays Going Crazy My Shit Jumping,” Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon delivers a bravado-laced jam bolstered by Machacha‘s gritty production. Emerging Dallas, TX-based band, Bree & The Fellas brighten up the list with “Focus” which showcases their unique brand of jazzy R&B. Bree’s commanding melodies take center stage over the lively alluring soundscape and makes for a nice relaxing jam. UK rapper’s JASE “gentleman” keeps us in that jazzy zone with its smooth keys, nostalgic horns, and bouncy groove. La’dalia‘s “Comfort Zone” lives up to its title with its moody texture and sultry performance that slowly invites us into the much-needed warmth.” 

See The Slice’s full tracklist that features Bree & The Fellas song “Focus” HERE

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