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November 14, 2019

Waffles Weekly| November/ December 

By Waffles Weekly, November 13, 2019 

Below is an excerpt from En La Calle’s article featuring Honey Folk: 

“This dynamic duo were sent from heaven to steal your heart. Regina DeBilio and Rags O’Hooligan III are two insanely talented musicians who happened to fall in love, currently sweeping the DFW area off their feet with lullabies and dancing tunes that touch your soul. DeBilio has a background in studying opera at SMU, while O’Hooligan has been an award-winning folk artist, picking a guitar as leader of the former Straw Hat Society and The Gawd Almighties. Inspired by each other, these two have managed to write a plethora of songs which will be featured on their forthcoming debut album, currently in production with John Pedigo. Their Halloween single “Dracula Goes to Town” just released 10/25, with the music video dropping a few days later on 10/29. The video features puppeteer Will Schutze (of Mr. Bonetangles and the Trubbanauts) using his specially-created Dracula puppet to deliver a wonderfully creative performance as the star of the music video. Upcoming shows: 10/31: Four Corners Brewery, 11/2: Oak Cliff’s Blues Bandits & BBQ Festival, 11/7: Adair’s Saloon, 11/13: Sundown at Granada, 11/15: Six Springs Tavern. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@thehoneyfolk/@thehoneyfolkmusic).” 

Read the full write-up HERE


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