Goldmine Magazine: Indie Spotlight shines on a Black Crowes offshoot and other artists

August 28, 2019

Indie Spotlight shines on a Black Crowes offshoot and other artists

By Lee Zimmerman, August 28, 2019 

Below is an excerpt from Goldmine Magazine’s Indie Spotlight featuring Kristy Kruger: 

Kristy Krüger appears as if she emerged from another era entirely. Fever of Unknown Origin finds her sounding like a vamp in a late night bar, entertaining an audience of barflies, bachelors and bachelorettes with sultry songs of seduction and temptation. Inspired by her brother who lost his life in Iraq, she pursued a love of history by digging deep into the firmament of American music, extracting inspiration from the songs of Johnny and June (a low-cast take on “Folsom Prison Blues” is wholly unrecognizable as being in any way even related to the original, while the tender “Johnny and June” ponders the possibilities of true love ) and the great jazz singers of an earlier era such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Peggy Lee, and all the others that built their careers as true divine divas. Indeed, Krüger deserves to be included in their ranks as well, given the confidence and credence she conveys through her sassy, brassy songs. It’s something of a revelation to find an artist both so erudite and intuitive, but Krüger clearly has a gift that’s as captivating as it is compelling.” 

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