Holler: Joshua Ray Walker – See You Next Time

October 5, 2021

Joshua Ray Walker – See You Next Time

By Lee Zimmerman, October 5, 2021 

“Joshua Ray Walker sounds like the product of some imaginary liaison between Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, an affair neither would ever admit to.

While that clearly wasn’t the case, Walker offers every indication that, if in fact there was a gene pool that those two could have contributed to, he was left an open invitation to partake whenever he wants.

Granted, that’s a far-fetched scenario, but See You Next Time, the youthful singer’s third record in three years — and the final instalment of the trilogy that kicked off his recording career and garnered kudos in the process — honors those vintage influences by channeling the inspiration into a concept album of sorts.”

Read Holler’s full review on “See You Next Time” HERE.



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