Holler: Records of the Year 2021

December 2, 2021

Records of the Year 2021

By Holler, December 02, 2021  

In a year that’s seen the return of live music, Taylor Swift mark a new chapter in artist rights and the Grammys fuel the debate on what country really is, we look back on 20 records that became stand-out classics – as voted for by Holler staff and contributors.

Below is an excerpt from Holler’s “Records of the Year 2021” that features Joshua Ray Walker: 

“9. Joshua Ray Walker – See You Next Time

Following Wish You Were Here (2019) and Glad You Made It (2020), Joshua Ray Walker completed his trio of conceptual records with this poignant finale. Set in a dive bar destined for demolition, he crafts a devastatingly familiar story arc across all three albums, his artistic genius evident as he introduces reflections of his own pain within his fictional characters.

– Madeline Crone”

See Holler’s full list of Records of the Year 2021 HERE.


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