In All Honesty: An Interview with Damoyee Janai

March 6, 2020

In All Honesty: An Interview with Damoyee Janai

By Alana Amore Colvin, March 5, 2020

We sit down with Damoyee Janai to discuss her latest album “The Whole Truth” and the most anticipated caf show of the year.

“At 9:43pm, on a Tuesday night nonetheless, a crowd of people packed themselves tightly against the thin, black, retractable belt lining the entrance of the Berklee caf. Children, grandparents, college students, cousins, and everyone in between were actively straining to get a glimpse at the 20+ piece band, who were unified in black and buzzing in a way that seemed to reflect the anticipation swelling at entrance. At three minutes to 10, the belt was released and a sea of curiosity seemed to consume the caf all at once, filling every chair, crack, corner, bench, and windowsill available. At 10:00, thunder filled the room—powered by a full band, flashing lights, and the deafening roar of the crowd as they welcomed Damoyee Janai, who graced the spiraling staircase left of the stage rocking a dazzling jet black romper and black heels. In the hour that followed the crowd would experience a stadium-sized concert filled with unrivaled musicianship, choreography, a guest appearance by Funder on the song “Crush,” and gut-wrenching vocals accompanied by a full choir. All of this led to the standing ovation that ended the show and the stream of tears from the woman who orchestrated the whole thing: Damoyee herself. Five days before the show, we caught up with Damoyee to discuss her latest album The Whole Truth, which would make up the bulk of the music performed at what would soon become one of the most incredible shows I’ve seen on Berklee soil.” 

Read the In All Honesty‘s full interview with Damoyee Janai HERE


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