Kickmag: Meet Rising Artist Damoyee Janai (Interview)

October 29, 2019

Meet Rising Artist Damoyee Janai (Interview)

Damoyee Janai is one of those rare people who find their calling at a young age, had a support system to pursue it and continues to make vigorous steps in her path as an artist. The 19-year old singer, writer and multi-instrumentalist released her third album, The Whole Truth on her October 4th birthday. The new music is an emotional composite of her life over the past couple of years expressed in a clear contralto that is both knowing and inquisitive. Sonically she is beholden to R&B, jazz, and pop and she openly embraces all of those influences without apology. The Dallas, Texas native has been recording since she was nine, won multiple awards including the Next Generation Monterrey Jazz Festival twice and tours in between her studies at the Berklee College Of Music. In this interview, Janai talks about becoming an artist, The Whole Truth and her love of soundtracks.

Read Kickmag’s full interview with Damoyee Janai HERE

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