Lakewood/ East Dallas Advocate: Casa Linda’s Joshua Ray Walker plans drive-thru album release for new record

July 10, 2020

Casa Linda’s Joshua Ray Walker plans drive-thru album release for new record

By Jaime Dunaway, July 10, 2020 

‘Casa Linda neighbor Joshua Ray Walker is so thankful for his fans, he plans to sit for eight hours in a mask under the sun Saturday during a drive-thru signing event to celebrate the release of his second record, “Glad You Made It.”

While his music plays over the speakers, Walker will greet fans from noon to 8 p.m. outside Good Records on Garland Road and sign copies of “Glad You Made It,” which debuts today. Walker had initially planned an album release party at The Kessler Theater but opted for the drive-thru signing because of increasing coronavirus cases.

The followup to his acclaimed first album, “Wish You Were Here,” began in March 2019, when he began pulling together songs he had written over the years to create a cohesive work. He started recording in August at an Airbnb in Nashville, where he and producer John Pedigo set up mattresses to create a studio, the Dallas Observer reported.

“I kind of felt like I had something to prove on this album — just kind of letting people know that I didn’t use all the good material, and I’m still writing good songs,” Walker told the Observer.

Walker was set to play hits like “Cupboard,” “Boat Show Girl” and “Voices” from the new album at South by Southwest and other festivals until the coronavirus hit. Now he’s using his time to livestream, practice his guitar and finish writing his third album.” 

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