No Depression: Joshua Ray Walker Outshines Expectations with ‘Glad You Made It’

July 9, 2020

Joshua Ray Walker Outshines Expectations with ‘Glad You Made It’

By Chuck Armstrong, July 9, 2020 

“In 2019, Joshua Ray Walker opened his debut album with the haunting “Canyon,” a track that brought him admiration from fellow musicians like Colter Wall and American Aquarium’s BJ Barham, and one that set him apart from his younger peers as a songwriting wunderkind of sorts. The rest of Wish You Were Here lived up to the gut-wrenching hype of “Canyon,” creating the seemingly impossible task of Walker one day following up his first full-length record with an equally, or even better, sophomore effort.

A little more than a year later, Walker has done just that with Glad You Made It.” 

Read No Depression’s full article HERE.

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