Saving Country Music: Release Radar & Most Anticipated Albums for Last of 2021

August 31, 2021

Release Radar & Most Anticipated Albums For Last of 2021

By Ttigger, August 31, 2021 

Below is an excerpt from “Release Radar & Most Anticipated Albums For Last of 2021” that features Joshua Ray Walker’s upcoming album “See You Next Time:” 

Joshua Ray Walker – See You Next Time – October 8th

Saving Country Music’s reigning Song of the Year winner (“Voices”) is releasing what he’s now revealing is the third installment in an album trilogy that the Dallas, TX native has used to launch his career. “The whole idea with the trilogy was to use the honky-tonk as a setting where all these different characters could interact with each other,” says Walker“In my mind, this album’s taking place on the night before the bar closes forever—the songs are just me taking snapshots of that world, and all the moments that happen in it.”

Like the previous two albums, See You Next Time was recorded at Audio Dallas Recording Studio with producer John Pedigo, along with musicians such as pedal-steel player Adam “Ditch” Kurtz, and rhythm guitarist Nathan Mongol Wells of Walker’s country punk side project, Ottoman Turks.

Read Saving Country Music’s full article HERE.

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