Saving Country Music: Saving Country Music’s 2021 Song of the Year Nominees

December 9, 2021

Saving Country Music’s 2021 Song of the Year Nominees

By Trigger, December 09, 2021 

There is most certainly a time and place for music and songs that motivate you, that get you moving, that make you mash the accelerator when you’re on the daily commute and spirit you through the everyday grind, or to let loose with on Saturday night. These songs are important too, and some of the best of them in country music for 2021 will be featured soon in the Saving Country Music Single of the Year nominees.

Below is an excerpt of Saving Country Music’s 2021 Song of the Year Nominees that features Joshua Ray Walker’s See You Next Time

“Joshua Ray Walker – “Cowboy”

So much of country music in the current decade boils down to some version of cosplay, whether it’s the carbon copy pretty boys of popular country braying on about backroads and beer, or the hipsters across town in their thrift boutique finery pretending they’re from the 60’s, or those all duded up in starched and pleated Western wear for no other reason than the supposed air of “authenticity” they hope it conveys.

But Joshua Ray Walker’s “Cowboy” isn’t just a commentary on someone’s attire. It’s about the lies we tell ourselves, and the others we hurt with them. You can play a cowboy, or you can be a man, which means being honest with yourself and others, admitting your faults and your fears, taking responsibility, and treating women with respect. That is what being a cowboy is all about, not matter who you are, where you’re from, or how you dress.”

Read Saving Country Music’s full list of nominees HERE.


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