Skope Magazine: Damoyee Janai’s “Independent”

August 15, 2019

Damoyee Janai’s “Independent” 

By Skope, August 15, 2019 

“The first few bars of Damoyee Janai’s “Independent” are undisputedly swaggering, and it’s all because of the strutting bass that greets us at the genesis of the track. It’s a little bit effervescent, totally swinging, and the perfect canvas for Janai to paint us an imagistic lyrical picture atop just moments into the song. Her voice stings with melancholy, but there’s nothing depressing about what she’s saying – quite the opposite, actually. She’s empowered here, ready to take on the world, and conveying a message of self-reliance that is rather appropriate for the tone she’s looking to create in her forthcoming album (which, I might add, is the third that she’s released since turning thirteen some six years ago).” 

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