The Alternate Root: Joshua Ray Walker Glad You Made It

July 18, 2020

Joshua Ray Walker “Glad You Made It” 

July 18, 2020 

“On the surface they are toe-tappers and two-steppers. Dig a bit deeper into the songs of Joshua Ray Walker, peeling back layers of waltzes and rowdy stompers and you will find a nether world of brokedown dudes ready to fake their own death, relationships on the verge of blossoming or breakdowns, and a host of spicy characters living in a sad reality while making the best of a life that may go nowhere but a dead end. Joshua Ray Walker’s sophomore effort in Glad You Made It has plenty of crying in your beer sadness and shit-kicking flair, all played out as a good time.” 

Read The Alternate Root’s full review on Joshua Ray Walker’s album, “Glad You Made It” HERE


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