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April 10, 2021

Ottoman Turks 

By The Alternate Root Staff, April 10, 2021 

“Ottoman Turks (from the album Ottoman Turks II available on State Fair Records)
Born in Dallas, Texas, Ottoman Turks was a labor of love for its band members as they dedicated themselves to other projects in their collective paths. High school friends who shared a love of deep, meaningful music, thought-provoking and incendiary, captured within the confines of a raucous Rock’n’Roll song. The core of Ottoman Turks, Nathan Mongol Wells (vocals, rhythm guitar), Billy Law (bass, vocals), and Paul Hinojo (drums) found themselves without a lead guitar, asking Billy’s childhood friend to sit in for a single show. The friend, Joshua Ray Walker, stayed on-stage becoming a full-time member for Ottoman Turks and filling out the quartet.” 

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