The Bluegrass Situation: Chris J Norwood’s “Good Guy With a Gun”

July 19, 2021


By BGS Staff, July 19, 2021 

In Their Words: “I struggled with whether or not to include this song on the album. I’d already written several songs about my father’s suicide that appeared on my last album, so I worried that I was rehashing something lyrically that I’d already covered. But I realized that losing a parent at a young age is always going to be a part of me. It’s part of my story. It’s tangled all in my roots. And it’s good for me on a personal/spiritual/emotional level to keep talking about it, writing songs about it, and singing about it. Truth be told, we as a country need to talk more openly about suicide. Especially as it relates to the gun debate and gun culture. This song also happens to be one of my kids’ favorite songs off the new album. They love the music, and they’re too young to understand all the nuance in the lyrics. The only part they really like singing is, ‘Daddy was a good guy, and always did the best he could. He’d do anything to protect the ones he loved.’ And honestly, that’s how I chose to remember my father.” — Chris J Norwood

Read the full article and listen to Norwood’s “Good Guy With a Gun” HERE.

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