Vinyl Me, Please: Joshua Ray Walker is Glad You Made It

December 2, 2020

Joshua Ray Walker Is Glad You Made It

By Brittney McKenna, December 02, 2020 

“When Joshua Ray Walker released his debut album Wish You Were Here in 2019, fans were instantly charmed by the country singer-songwriter’s wit, craftsmanship and old-school country stylings. The Dallas-based artist was already a favorite on the Texas country circuit, but Wish You Were Here brought Walker an international audience, one that would have launched him on a 2020 European tour and a major presence at SXSW had the COVID-19 pandemic not ground live music to a halt.

In July, Walker released the follow-up to Wish You Were Here, the cleverly titled Glad You Made It. The new album builds off Wish You Were Here‘s traditional twang and narrative songwriting, and finds Walker sounding in just one year like a far more seasoned a songwriter, one who can deftly mix humor and tenderness on tracks like “Boat Show Girl” and channel a man’s rock bottom moment with grace and compassion on “Voices.”

Vinyl Me, Please caught up with Walker this fall to talk about navigating the pandemic, avoiding the sophomore slump and working closely with the album’s producer, John Pedigo.”

Read VMP Magazine’s full article on Joshua Ray Walker’s “Glad You Made It” and find his exclusive VMP pressing HERE.



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