Wild Roots Magazine: The Final Girl by Chris J. Norwood

November 9, 2020

THE FINAL GIRL by Chris J. Norwood

Nov. 09, 2020 

The Final Girl by Chris J. Norwood is a fantastic work from top to bottom and definitely a must see.

“Let me just say this first so we can all get it all out of the way and stop letting it take away from this beautiful work: yes this dude will remind you of Elvis Costello or Buddy Holly. Great! Let’s stop doing that, because Chris J Norwood is an incredible rising talent on his own, and if he keeps putting out music and videos like this you’ll have folks comparing new artists to him. I’m sure he hears that all the time, and I feel like a prick for mentioning it, but let’s get to know Chris J. Norwood, because if his catalogue is anything like this song and video, we’re going to want to.”

Read Wild Roots Magazine’s full article and watch “The Final Girl” music video HERE.

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