Medium: “Here ‘Tis” New Album from Eleven Hundred Springs

January 24, 2020

“Here ‘Tis” New Album from Eleven Hundred Springs

By Donna Block, January 24, 2020 
Eleven Hundred Springs is a well known and beloved band from Texas for over 20 years. They released their new album “Here ‘Tis” this month on State Fair Records. A little of the Bakersfield sound, a little of the rockabilly spice, these guys are truly fantastic musicians. Matt Hillyer’s voice is one you don’t often come across these days. His voice and the music echoes that nostalgic sound that seems to be making a comeback these days, but these guys always sounded like this. There are bands that play country, and then there are country bands. The distinction comes down to authenticity. They also released a documentary about their long established career and the making of this album at their album release party.
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